Christopher Moeller is a writer and an artist with numerous graphic novels to his name, including his own Iron Empires: Sheva’s War and Iron Empires: Faith Conquers, which he both wrote and illustrated.

Many main-stream comic fans know Chris best for his work on several DC titles, most notably his covers for Lucifer, and the graphic novel ‘A League of One’, which consists of 102 pages of traditionally painted art. He immediately followed that up with ‘JLA Classified: Cold Steel’, another DC graphic novel boasting an additional 96 pages of art.

In addition to comics, Chris also works in the gaming industry. He has done numerous illustrations for White Wolf Games, including covers for their Aberrant game books, and miniatures game. He has done illustrations for the World of Warcraft trading card game, did the packaging art for the Axis and Allies miniatures game, and has provided over 100 illustrations for the trading card game Magic: the Gathering.

Over the years, I have grown more and more fond of Chris’ work. Painting comics and card art requires a real knack for painting things simply, legibly, and in large part… from your head. Trust me, it’s a lot harder than he makes it look! Whether it be males, females, monsters or architecture, Chris seems to excel at it with ease. Bold brushwork and strong silhouettes are trademarks of his style.

Check out more of Chris’ work at his website: