-Serge Birault

3D is a strange thing. I know have to use 3D softwares and rendering engines but I’m unable to do good 3D stuff… So I organized a small 3D contest on my Facebook page.

I did a 2D concept and the competitors had to do a 3D version based on it. I did this sketch in 5-10 minutes, it was quite simple. You can see :

– The concept HERE
– The WIPs folder here : HERE
– The final entries folder here : HERE

Here are the results:

Kris Costa a.k.a Atropus
Original picture : HERE & HERE

Honorable Mention
Original picture : HERE & HERE

Honorable Mention
Dmitry Cheremisin
Original picture : HERE & HERE

The members of the jury were Andrew Hickinbottom, José Alves da Silva and Loïc Zimmermann are great 3D professionals.

It was a very interesting experience. I was quite surprised by the quality of the entries.