By Petar Meseldzija

Vladyslav Yerko was born in 1962 in Kiev, Ukraine. He lived at his
grandmother’s house in the village of Pirniv until he was seven years old and
considers this to be the best time of his life. He spent his first year
sleeping in a large suitcase, which rested on a chair under a lilac tree, and,
likening his childhood to that of Mowgli, from Kipling’s Jungle Book, Yerko
says he was raised, not by wolfs, but by “chickens, turkeys and the village
cats”! His surroundings – the forest and river, insects and fish – all left a deep
and lasting impression on the young boy and to this day, flora, fauna and the
diversity of nature’s beauty serve as the wellspring of his inspiration.

graduated from the Kiev Polygraphic Academy before embarking on his highly
successful career as an illustrator.




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