Tomorrow, Saturday October 20th, is the opening of two shows at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery.  ‘Exhale’, featuring the works of Jeremy Geddes; and Machine Sabbath’, featuring the works of Ashley Wood. I am a big fan of both artists, and have been anxiously awaiting this exhibition for a long time.

I watch Jeremy’s blog pretty carefully, and he has been posting teasers for the show for more than a year now. Jeremy paints slowly, so it takes him quite a while to amass enough works for a new show. I expect it will be well worth the wait.

Jeremy’s work is highly detailed, and wildly imaginative. I’ve been fortunate enough to have a close look at his originals before, and they are simply gorgeous.

The work of Ashley Wood (well know in the comics and SFF community for his PopBot and Fanta series) is almost the antithesis of Jeremy’s. Ashley’s work is a lot more exaggerated, painted much looser, and beautifully embraces the medium’s imperfect characteristics.

You’d be hard pressed to find two artists whose works complement one another so well.

Previews for both shows, as well as interviews with the artists, can be found on Juxtapoz’s website HERE and HERE. You can also find an interview with Jeremy, conducted by Ashley, HERE.