by Donato

With far too many of my current projects under NDA’s ( Non-Disclosure Agreements), I haven’t much to share with you except a few glimpses of what is to come. Between multiple conventions, a museum exhibit of my work later this Fall and teaching weekly courses with the SmArt School and the School of Visual Arts I am at a loss for words and the time to clarify my thoughts.  Apologies to you long time readers, but I will move into substantial content by the end of the year.  As I always say, I would rather be painting than typing…

So, to let art speak for me:

Eragon: 10th Anniversary Edition  novel by Christopher Paolini   18″ x 24″  pencil and chalk on paper

Hephaestus   16″ x 20 ” Pencil and chalk on paper

The Hidden Kingdom     46″ x 33″   Oil on Panel

Huor and Hurin Approaching Gondolin     detail of a painting 112″ x 73″  oil on linen