Above: Android Jones‘ Call For Entries Poster for Spectrum 21

The baton has effectively been passed: the new Spectrum website (under the infinitely capable guidance of John Fleskes/Flesk Publications) is now on-line. The information for participating in Spectrum 21 is now available (along with a sneak look at Android Jones’ Call For Entries poster) and the judges for this year’s competition are profiled. While much will be familiar, there are also some new bits and pieces that many will appreciate. John will continue to roll out new information in the coming weeks, including the announcement of his new Advisory Board.

We’re excited—as we hope everyone else will be—and sincerely hope you will all give John the same support you graciously have given to Cathy and I for the last twenty years. Spectrum has always been about the art, the artists, and the art community as a whole. Regardless of how you describe or categorize yourself or your work, regardless of the tool you use to create it, Spectrum is your home, without pretension or prejudice. Trust me: the best is yet to come.