by Donato


Although the snow storm that is slamming the whole Eastern Coast for a knock out.  This is one of the greatest opportunities as a visual artist to acquire amazing reference images for future projects.  I was luckily enough to have my assistant Kelley at the studio during a snow storm a couple of weeks ago.  We got dressed up as the Nights Watch for my Game of Thrones Calendar work, as well as sliding in a series of pictures for my Fellowship of the Ring – Descent from Caradhras.  I’ve also thrown in a few images while in Vermont walking with my daughter Cecilia and my brothers dog in the early morning light.

Something great will come of all of these.

I just so happened to assign a project based upon Jack London’s wonderful short story To Build A Fire to my students a few weeks ago.   No excuses for those in the NorthEast for not landing the right references!

Make sure your costumes, camera and props are always ready to go, and amazing art will follow! Have fun!

Frodo catching a chill

Look at those shadows, and edge light on the dog!!!!

Snow can be blinding white, and all the way to near black in the shadows near the feet!