-By Dan dos Santos

Many of you already know of Kim Jung Gi‘s work from some of his large scale stream-of-consciousness drawing videos, and from his immensely popular (and immensely large) sketchbooks. But for the most part, there is not a lot of commercial work available from him. Apparently, that’s changing.

Kim Jung Gi is currently collaborating with writer, Jean-David Morvan, to create a new comic titled ‘Spy Games‘. Although, the comic is in French (produced by the French Publisher Glénat), the odds are good it will eventually reach an American audience.

Glénat has recently released an 11 page preview of ‘Spy Games’ first installment, ‘Dissidents’, and it’s precisely what you would expect from Gi… beautifully drawn, with an effortless grasp of anatomy and perspective.

The actual 46 page comic will be released sometime next month. Until then, here is a small preview. Enjoy!