By Justin Gerard

This is the third post on Beorne and Bolg at the Battle of the Five Armies. We are about 95% Finished!  Still a few odds and ends to tweak but it is getting to a nice stage of pleasant mayhem.

This time, instead of trying to explain how we went from here to here:

I am attaching a GIF to show the stages that the painting goes through.

I like making GIFS. Sometimes when I paint I feel like I am actually going backwards, making the piece worse minute by minute.  Seeing the actual progress of it can be really encouraging.

In the GIF you can see I am working values first before ever really getting into saturated colors.  That is because saturated colors are evil.

They are like petting a cat….

Everyone is purring and having a nice time when suddenly he whips around and tries to bite your hand off.
That is what working with saturated colors is like.

I am still working on some of the fine details, and of course my signature. (Everyone knows that the quality of one’s painting is directly proportional to the size and complexity of the signature.)

After it is finished we plan to make prints of it in time to be released alongside sketchbook 2014…
Stay tuned!

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