Sorrow      27″ x 33″    Oil on Panel    2014
by Donato

Tonight, Thursday December 18th, will see the opening of a new exhibition of my art in Santa Fe at the Jean Cocteau Cinema Art Gallery.  This exhibition will feature my most recent interpretative works
from the worlds of science fiction as well as preliminary studies for George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire 2015

 A major oil painting being premiered is Sorrow, a continuation in the
theme of robots engaged in very human, empathetic moments. The loss of
an adolescent child is one of the most painful tragedies I believe any one
could endure, and I wanted to project those emotions into a form of
expression which stepped outside of contemporary politics and historical cliche.  Unfortunately this issue rings far too loudly given the recent Taliban attack in Pakistan.

Over the
years I have occasionally given an assignment to my students, The Last Human on Earth.
  It was with this content in mind, married with a profound sense of grieving, that I began seeking a resolution to this robot image.   The theme of tragedy runs deep in much of my recent work as I
believe true character reveals itself under moments of extreme duress.
The works of Caravaggio, de Ribera, Velazquez, Waterhouse and
Michelangelo all speak to these issues of a tormented and challenged
humanity.  These artists created timeless works of art which are deeply rooted in humanity and intimately personal. It is for this reason I turn to them for inspiration and affirmation in my desire to create narrative imagery.

A total 7 paintings and 10 drawings will be on exhibit at the Gallery over the coming month.

Stop in, check out the art, and catch a movie at this wonderfully art house theater
supported and restored by George R.R. Martin.
A Song of Ice and Fire and New Works

December 18, 2014 – January 12, 2015

Opening Reception with the Artist December 18th, 5-7pm. 

Jean Cocteau Art Gallery
418 Montezuma Ave
Santa Fe NM 87501
(505) 466-5528 
Sorrow       progress

Sorrow   detail
    Sorrow,  preliminary drawing,   18″ x 24″,  Graphite and chalk on toned paper
A Song of Ice and Fire – concept study    9″ x 14″
Shattered Pillars      16″ x 27″    Oil on Panel
The House of Black and White – Arya Stark     18″ x 18″   Graphite and chalk on toned paper
Beyond the Wall – Bran Stark    preliminary drawing     18″ x 18″    Watercolor pencil and chalk on toned paper