by Arnie Fenner

One of the things I’ve talked often about here on MC through the years is that having an art career is not easy. Desire isn’t enough, nor are education or skill sets. “Fair” is a fairytale and no matter how much you might want success, recognition, respect, or the ability to support yourself and your family as an artist…there is simply no guarantee you will achieve your goals or, if achieved, be able to maintain them over time. What does it take to have a sustainable, satisfying career? What does it take to “make it” as an artist?

That’s the question Anthony Moorman explores in his documentary Making It. Focussed primarily on the journey of four friends—Woodrow J. Hinton IIIBrian Ewing, Andrew Bawidamann, and Muddy Colors’ Eric Fortune—the film also talks to numerous students and professional artists and art directors, all in an effort to explain what it means to be an artist and what it takes to stay an artist. When the doc was in production and people started talking about it I think some got the wrong impression that it was intended as some sort of sweeping overview of the entire illustration and Fine Art communities—but that was never the intent. This is a small film, a personal film, with four friends at the core, not the all-inclusive history of everything and everyone.

And yet, in its own way, it is about everyone.

The views shared are unvarnished, the stories a mix of idealistic enthusiasm and hard truths. Making It talks about what we’ve all felt as artists at one point or another, the elation and the disappointment, the bright optimism and the cold pessimism. Even if we don’t necessarily agree with every opinion expressed or the conclusions drawn, there’s a sense of shared experience that is ultimately encouraging. “We’re not alone.” Making It is thoughtful and heartfelt; it is a sincere film.

We were fortunate to premiere the film at Spectrum Fantastic Art Live last year, which was followed by a panel with Tony and the four artists; now you’ll have the opportunity to see it in its final form. Making It will be released on February 17th and will be available shortly after via I-Tunes, Amazon, VUDU, X-Box, VHX and Google Play. Documentaries—particularly documentaries about artists—are made for love, not money, and I hope everyone will take the opportunity to see the film; I think you’ll be glad you did.

You can find more information here and here.