This July 15-17 I will be teaching a workshop in Seattle focusing on Illustrative Lighting and Color Theory

Have you ever asked yourself… ‘Why doesn’t my figure ‘pop’ off of the painting? Why do my skin tones always look so chalky? Why can’t I seem to create more mood or drama in my pieces?

In this upcoming workshop we will be focusing on problems like these, and discussing how we can use value and color to enhance the impact of an image, as well as create a greater sense of mood, depth and realism.

During this 3-Day workshop, students will learn basic lighting techniques and color theory, giving them a much deeper understanding of how light actually works. We will also discuss how we can use this deeper understanding of light to paint more convincing skin tones, or achieve a greater sense of realism when painting from imagination.

Topics covered will include:

  • Basic Value Theory
  • Basic Color Theory
  • Color Keys
  • Portrait Lighting Techniques
  • Stage/Theatrical Lighting Techniques
  • Creating Believable & Unconventional Skin Tones

Students will implement theses new techniques in their own work as they paint alongside the instructor.

Class size is extremely limited to just 14 students, and are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. There is no prerequisite class or skill level required for this workshop, and all mediums (including digital) are welcome.

More information and registration specifics can be found here:

And now for some really cool news…

Daniel Chang, Founder and Owner of ‘Vintage Magic‘ is generously offering a FREE, FULL-PAID TUITION to this workshop for one lucky student!

All you need to do to be eligible is to apply, show 3 examples of your work, and write a short statement about what you hope to get from this workshop in particular. More info about this scholarship can be found HERE.