by Howard Lyon

Heritage Auctions is a great site for artists.  They post large images of the lots up for auction and they often get some stellar works.

The 2016 October Illustration Art Signature Auction has some wonderful illustrations for sale.

Here are some of my highlights but be sure to browse through.  There are some hilariously bad images there too (I am looking you Hunting a Dangerous Animal, Manhood Magazine cover).

** There are some NSFW images among the auctions lots.  Heritage hides lot previews that might be considered obscene, but there are also some pinup paintings and drawings that might not be welcomed in all work environments.

Be sure to click on the images to see the full size images.  Most are 3000 px in the larger dimension.

 Let’s start with Tom Lovell.  BTW, if you haven’t purchased a copy of the upcoming book from Illustration Magazine you better hurry and pick on up.  This one has to be close to selling out!

Tom Lovell – Christmas Morning

What a beautifully painted profile!  Her hair is wonderful too.  It has strong shapes, beautiful simplicity and texture.

Tom Lovell – Christmas Morning – detail 
Tom Lovell – The Quiet Wife

Strong dramatic colors. I love the subtle but powerful falloff of light from the woman’s face to the corners of the painting.  Wonderful value control on top of everything else.

Tom Lovell – The Occupation of Paris 1943
I don’t know what is up with this soldiers face/expression.  It almost looks like he is sneaking a look at the two women.  Maybe he is sympathetic to the downcast Parisians?  Whatever it is, I really like the simplicity of the way he was painted.  You can see the texture of the tinted ground coming through and a quick application of well placed brushstrokes to give him form and character.  Check out the single stroke of grey on his helmet to give it a dull sheen.
Tom Lovell – The Occupation of Paris 1943 – detail
Tom Lovell – The Man Across the Hall 
Tom Lovell – Son of the Coach

 Lumberjacks can always be counted on to save your bacon.  Though once you get to shore, they will tear you to pieces with hooks on sticks.  I think this is what is happening here.  I didn’t read the story so I might be wrong.

Tom Lovell – Lumberjack Rescue
It is always a pleasure to see a large scan of an Arthur Rackham!
Arhtur Rackham – A Terrible Fellow, Little Brother and Little Sister

Robert Peak – I love the dynamic compositions and paint of Peak’s work.

Robert Peak – Thrust and Parry

 Look at the wavy motion lines, sans Photoshop, coming off the hurdler’s arm.

Robert Peak – One Step Ahead

Bernie Fuchs – Earl Campbell Houston Oilers

 Mead Schaeffer always makes me happy.  + shapes and values paired with great paint.  Reminds me of Cornwell!

Mead Schaeffer  – Couple in the Garden

Mead Schaeffer  – Couple in the Garden – detail

Haddon Sundblom

Haddon Hubbard Sundblom – A Talk in the Park

 What a great face!

Haddon Hubbard Sundblom – A Talk in the Park – detail

George Giguere – An artist I was not familiar with, but the great shapes and colors on this really pulled me in.

George Giguere – Anthony Visiting Celopatra

 Chesley Bonestall – Another new artist for me.  The starkness of the edges and shapes are very striking.  It feels almost like the wonderful litho pulled travel posters of the early 20th century but with more rendering.  It is quite beautiful, I would love to hang this one on my wall.

Chesley Bonestall – Taj Mahal
Thanks for giving the post a read.  I hope you enjoyed the images!
Howard Lyon