This weekend, Annie Stegg Gerard will be conducting the first part of a Special 2-part Online Demonstration for Muddy Colors.

On Saturday, February 25th, 3-5pm, Annie will be demonstrating her drawing and underpainting process. This demo will be followed up in a few weeks with a demonstration of her color and glazing process. Both of these demos will be streamed live on Youtube, so that you can watch from anywhere in the world.

Each of these demos will be great stand-alone demonstrations, still having merit even if you watch only one of them. But for those who are continued supporters, you will be able to watch a single painting develop over the course of several weeks. This will allow Annie to showcase a much lengthier process that is more conducive to creating a more polished illustration than you would normally be able to do in a shorter demo.

If you’re already a Muddy Colors Patron of $5 or more, no need to do anything. You will recieve a link to the LIVE demo about 1 hour before the event starts. If you’re not a Patron yet, but would like to watch this event live, simply make a donation of $5 or more, and select the reward tier you want.
$10 donations receive access to the event as well as a downloadable video of the event afterwards.

*Please note that these are two separate events, so donating for a single month does not grant access to both events. Each month’s demo is it’s own respective reward.*

For more info, or to sign up, just click here: 


If you make a $10 donation within the next 24 hours, you will also receive a copy of ‘Painting a President, with Greg Manchess’ ABSOLUTELY FREE! This is also the last chance to get a copy of this video, which will no longer be available for purchase after today.