by Cory Godbey
The other day I came across this beautifully rendered and honestly written Hellboy fan comic by Benjamin Schipper. It’s a personal conversation about ideas, writing, and reaching for something big. Also monsters.
Schipper’s story touches a nerve I suspect that we all feel from time to time, that there are things we as artists want to do, things we know that we need to do, but for one made up reason or another we don’t do. 

He explains that this comic is, “Just a personal story about a conversation I had with one of my favorite comic heroes. It was a self-medicating process that helped me scrape some rust off my storytelling and writing ability.”

I think he’s being modest with the description there. 
It’s too easy to make a million excuses to not do something. Or finish something. Or start something. 
I know I fall into that pit myself far too often. 
And I need stories like this one to help pull me out.
You can find Ben haunting the internet over at his site, as well as on Twitter and Instagram.