-By Jesper Ejsing

I meet Karl Kopinski a few years ago at a magic GP in Liverpool. It was one of those rare moments where you meet a guy and like him right away and it feels like you have been friends forever. I new about his artwork and his fantastic talent as a sketchartist before meeting him but that day in Liverpool he showed me his real sketchbook and gave me a copy of the printed version, the collected sketchbook he just put together and was publishing himself, with the help from his wife.

It is mindblowing to see him noodling his way into an angry viking from a blank piece of paper.
Today I am in London doing a workshop with Karl Kopinski and he just gave m the sketchbook volume 2. It is simply fantastic. It is good, cos I almost ran out of facial expressions and characters to steal from, having stolen, I mean been inspired, a lot from the first one. Thanks Karl for putting it out there. Thanks for sharing it.

HERE is how you can get it.