It’s no secret that I had always dreamt of becoming a professional artist when I grew up. I was in a constant search for knowledge—and still am—for anything that would better my technique and creativity. I am so grateful to all those artists who I have both known personally in the flesh and those of the past who I have come to know through the study of their lives and work. But in my undying thirst for self-mastery and progress, I often wonder if I’m giving enough back or offering enough to others who may parallel me in my artistic quest. I would like to think that I have a positive influence on others, even if I’m not sitting down in a classroom with them or conducting a workshop.

My daughter, now 13, has given me a little bit of hope. While I do share some knowledge of technique with her and even go so far as to give a less-than-gushing critique on occasion to keep her on top of her game, she’s figured out how to create amazing artwork simply by observing. So, I’d like to share a few pieces of an up-and-coming artist that I admire for both her tenacity and drive to improve. If I can make a difference here, I can certainly hope to be a light to others and readily offer what I have learned. Cue, Aubrey…

“Thaddeus No. 5” – Full-page spread from my children’s book, “Thaddeus the Boss”

Study of my character “Thaddeus” done when Aubrey was 7 years old

from “Thaddeus the Boss”

Copy study of Thaddeus’ father – 2017

Just a bite for now, but as a proud mama, you’ll be privy to seeing more of her work in future posts…