Hello, Everyone!

I wanted to give fans of the “Song of Ice & Fire” novels (aka “A Game of Thrones”), a small sneak preview of the art for the official calendar coming out on July 16th. Theses images are focused on the book series and not the HBO cable TV series.

I was honored to be included with the group of stellar artists that have created art for this wonderful ongoing calendar series, including Muddy Colors’ own Donato Giancola, Gary Gianni, Marc Simonetti, John Piccacio, Eric Velhagen, Didier Graffet.

It was also enjoyable to learn of the plot/character complexity and huge fandom that surrounds this monumental series. Count me amongst them now as well!

The following paintings are done in acrylic on hotpress Srathmore 100% ragboard. The original art sizes vary from 20”x 20” to 10” x 10”.

Whitewalker on Prehistoric Elk leading his army of undead.

Heart trees are almost always weirwoods, but other types of trees are used if weirwoods are not available. For instance, the heart tree of the Red Keep’s godswood in King’s Landing is a great oak.

Seven Faces of God – The Wanderer

A Crown of Gold

You can pick up your own copy of the calendar at the following places (release date July 16th):

Barnes & Noble: