Arts and entertainment social media masters, Bored Panda, recently asked me if they could produce a short video of my copper work, and they asked me to film a ‘little’ introduction talking about how and why I paint on such an unusual substrate. I said, “Hell yes!”


But I know me pretty well, and knew I would film way more footage than they could use in a 3-min overview.  (If you have ever been in my SmArt School class or at IMC, it is hard for me to say anything in 3-min.) I also knew I’d have to do a deep clean of the studio to make it camera ready! Which was a herculean task I must say. (Yes that is the clean version!)


BUT, the beauty of this whole arrangement is, I get a lot of questions about my copper process, and I knew I could share the extended version I sent them with you fine folks here at Muddy Colors! So this vid comes in at a whopping 7 and a half minutes!

If you want to watch the slicker, better produced, condensed version- check out what the folks at Bored Panda put together on their Facebook, below. (They actually crammed more crazy light effects on the copper work than I did.)

Bored Panda- Scott M Fischer Video

But if you want to watch me talk in more detail about the wonders of working on Copper- How I came up with the idea, what tools I use- check out what landed on the editing floor at my Youtube channel! (The music is by me on this one.)

Scott’s Youtube –