Smart School is one of the best online art programs available for aspiring illustrators. Many Muddy Colors contributors conduct mentorships through this very program. Classes run every Spring and Fall, and enrollment for the upcoming Spring Semester CLOSES TODAY!

There is undoubtedly a Smart School class for an artist of any level. But the fact that these programs are actual mentorships (and not a pre-planned or pre-recorded courses), makes them especially valuable to artists who are at a creative standstill, and need serious, professional critique on how THEY SPECIFICALLY can get better. The mentorships¬†include live demonstrations, paintovers of your work, lectures, and visiting guests and Art Directors. You simply can’t ask for a better art course.

There are some incredible instructors to choose from, and choosing a class will also get you access to watch another instructor’s class, totally free.

So if you’re serious about furthering your art education, don’t delay… Enroll today!


Live Demonstrations

Guest Lecturers & Art Director Visits

Custom Paint Overs

Theory and Lessons