There is a chill outside the door. Snowflakes in the air. The solstice is upon us, and to celebrate the moment I did a little painting demo for your viewing pleasure, simply called ‘Winter.

Winter is Acrylic on Gesso Panel. After roughing in the drawing with graphite, I give it a linear treatment with Robert Simmons White Sable brushes and Nikko nib pens, dipped in concoctions of Acrylic ink.

This is followed by a slow build-up of washes, in a water color-esque technique to the nail the values and color and add a heaping spoon of texture.

Finally we we do the final render. Which is a combination of all of the above.

The effect is a layered appearance, blurring the edge between drawing and painting.

This is my last painting of 2019. Holy crap it is the last painting of the decade for me! And what a decade it has been. I want to thank you fine folks here at Muddy Colors for hanging around. This place would not exist without your support and clicks, and all of here are grateful that you spend time with us.

I wish you all a fabulous art filled 2020! Keep living that #artlife