Today… I have DRAGONS and fair MAIDENS to share with you!

These spreads are from Annie and I’s forthcoming 2019 sketchbooks! (Arriving a year late, as is tradition for us.) Today, I am pleased to announce that they are finally here and available to order!

Daughters of Nereus, by Annie Stegg Gerard offers 58 pages of Nereid drawings and studies. Who were the Nereids, you ask? In Greco-Roman Mythology, the Nereids were said to be beautiful young maidens with melodious voices who resided in the depths of The Aegean Sea with their father, Nereus. They were were divine nature spirits which represented the many-sided characteristics of the sea, from the frothy foam to the unpredictable waves and currents. The Nereids were benevolent figures who helped sailors and fishermen on their voyages when they faced fierce storms or became lost at sea.

This sketchbook is a collection of preliminary work from Annie’s series, The Daughters of Nereus. It contains the studies and drawings in graphite pencil that she bases many of her oil paintings from the series on. Annie is often inspired by mythology, and through this collection of drawings explores the mysteries and wonders of the deep.

Sketches & Drawings from A Plague of Dragons by Justin Gerard, is 66 pages of dragons, figure studies, fantasy landscapes, illustration designs, and classical mayhem, all drawn in graphite over the last 2 years. They are the preliminary design work for a longer project by the same name which I hope to continue to work on for quite some time. I love drawing tranquil medieval landscapes suddenly beset by dragons, I find it a very therapeutic subject. So I am in no rush to wrap the project up, and instead have put this book together to share some of my journey thus far.

The new books are 6″ x 8″ inches and are hardback with gold foil. The interior pages are a heavyweight art paper with a matte finish.

Both books are available today, starting at 10AM EST, on

All orders before May 31 will receive a bonus print with their order.

As with previous years, we are also offering a limited number of COLLECTOR’S EDITIONS, each with a signed and numbered original drawing, on the title page. We are so excited to finally be able to share these with you! If you’d like to see more, visit our store here.