Today I have a new video of last month’s creature design challenge!:

“The Pigusas” on Youtube

The event was originally streamed live on Twitch, where viewers sent in their designs as well.  The creature this month was a mythical mash-up taking elements from the Pegasus, a wild hog, and your average duck, all rolled into an improbable creature with a hankering for rare mushrooms.

The Reference board for the Prompt

Thanks to everyone who submitted entries and took part in the event! It was a lot of fun. If you’d like to take part in a future event, come visit us tomorrow at 10AM EST on Twitch:

Anyone can take part, no matter your skill level. It is a very informal event where we just hang out, do life studies, and make a lot of monsters. We stream the challenge the first Wednesday of every month on Twitch.

This month Annie also participated, and made an oil painting of the creature:

I hope you enjoy these!