Francis Vallejo is one of those artists who seems to be able to do it all. Whether he’s illustrating a Neil Gaiman book, or creating sequential comic pages, Francis always exhibits a phenomenal grasp of color and value.

In this exclusive new video, Francis will present a lecture detailing his personal thought process on these integral aspects of composition. A highly experienced teacher, with years of practical experience, means you’re in store for an informative and applicable approach to color and value techniques.

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The ‘Crit-Submit’ goes WAY back on Muddy Colors, and has always been one of our favorite events.

In this video, Lauren Panepinto (Creative Director of Orbit Books) and Dan dos Santos (Illustrator) critique and paint-over 8 different artist’s work, live, for everyone to watch.

Why would you want to watch someone else’s critique you ask? We actually feel that it’s quite often easier to learn by watching other people’s critiques than your own, since it’s easier to set aside your insecurities and be more objective about the information you’re receiving. Plus, with more than 10 live paint-overs, the video is chock full of helpful art tips that any painter will appreciate!

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