Mark Newman, Colin Poole and Randy Hand join me for a session of 3D Shop Talk.

This month’s 3D Shop Talk episode, “Models, Monuments and Marine Denizens” features sculptors Randy Hand, Mark Newman and my partner in creativity, Colin Poole. The full video chat as well as images and contact information for the artists featured can be found towards the end of this article.

It has been such a treat to once again be able to gather with fellow sculptors and talk about the things we’re most passionate about. We’ve found these chats inspiring, illuminating and a soothing pause in our amped up world.

As artists, we are all uniquely positioned to communicate at a visceral level. This opens the door for us to powerfully “speak to” challenging topics, with the potential of compassionately bringing diverse mind sets together. In times like these we’re living through, we are also in the position to provide respite for weary hearts and serve as mnemonic beacons for love and beauty. We hope that in the face of our videography learning curves, you are able to laugh a little with us, learn a little with us and have a few moments rest for your creative spirit.

In this month’s episode, among other topics, we chatted about working with models, making monumental sculpture and somehow…creatures of the sea kept coming up. The topic of working with models in sculpting is an enormous one, so I’ll be dedicating next month’s post to some tips and ideas about how we work effectively with our models in our studio.

Until next time, keep creating!

Randy Hand
Instagram: @RandyTheHand
Facebook: Randy Hand

Mark Newman
Instagram: @MarkNewmanSculpture

Colin Poole