I was invited to be part of the Four Seasons show at the Haven Gallery. It runs from March 28th to April 26th. During these interesting times if you want to visit the gallery it will be by appointment only, but all the works will be available online. I am worried about the galleries out there. It’s already a tough business, but this could take out many great galleries if it lasts too long. If you’re in the market for original works, this is a great gallery to support.

I have wanted to do some allegorical paintings of the seasons for a long time and was thankful for Erica at Haven Gallery for creating this show to give me an excuse to get these paintings out of my head. Here are my drawings. I did smaller thumbnails from my head initially and then hired a model and drew these at 1:1 for the finals, so 5″ round, pencil on hot pressed Arches paper. The originals are all graphite, but I colored the scans afterwards.

They are tiny work, just 5″ round and the heels of the panels are gold-leafed with 22k gold. Here are the final oil paintings.

Here is a video of all of them being painted:

Thanks for taking a look! If you’re interested in these paintings you can contact Erica at the Haven Gallery: info@havenartgallery.com