Hot off an exciting preview week, it is a double feature of time-lapse process video.

‘Inferno of the Star Mounts…

…and ‘Zariel Archduke of Avernus’.

Both these cards released this past week for the first Magic the Gathering and Dungeons and Dragon expansion expansion ever; ‘Adventures in the Forgotten Realms’.

There are quick time-lapse videos, so think of them as previews for deeper videos, talking you  through the process, down the road. But for the moment, the dragon is Acrylic ink ad Acryla Gouache, and the Fallen Angel is Oil. (My first oil in a while!)

If you’ve read my posts you may remember that I wrote a paper in 4th grade that said I wanted to do the art for Dungeons and Dragons!

(Of course at the time, I thought Gary Gygax did all the art for the game, so really, I wanted to be him!)

But we are now are firmly in a Peanut Butter and Jelly moment of two of the things I love coming together. And I had a absolute blast painting these. I feel somehow I touched my Heavy Metal roots deeper than ever on these. (I even cranked up the distortion on the guitar in the soundtrack!) So horns way up folks and I hope you dig them!