A few images of the process develop for my latest Empathetic Robot oil painting.  The concept of a ‘rescue’/’assistance in departure’ had been in my sketchbook in various forms for over 13 years now, dating back to a knight carrying a young person in need.

I love how the basic emotion and action and be transmitted across genres – it’s all about the humanity of the moment.  Given the turmoil around A.I. and the dark future of commercial art, this felt like the right interpretative concept for my idea.

Keep this thought in mind as you generate concepts for your own projects – find ways to make them ‘yours’.

Savior – preliminary drawing, 24″ x 18″ Graphite and Chalk on Toned Paper


Savior – acrylic lay-in. I went ‘full on’ for the acrylic first pass, pushing how far I could go with the details and suggested forms of chaos for the background environment. Using acrylics help me design very gesturally in this step.

Savior, progress, nearly there!


Savior, final, 24″ x 20″, Oil on Panel.