Muddy Colors has already featured several posts about the ongoing exhibit at the Norman Rockwell Museum, “Enchanted: A History of Fantasy Illustration”: the show runs until Halloween so, pandemic-willing, there’s still several months for you to plan a visit and view all of the wonderful art included. As part of the exhibition the Rockwell has been hosting an illuminating series of Zoom interviews with some of the best F&SF illustrators working today and I thought I’d share their video chats with Brom, Thomas Blackshear II, Tyler Jacobson, Scott Gustafson, and Anna Dittman. I believe interviews are coming in the weeks ahead with Bob Eggleton and Julie Bell—and probably others: check the museum’s website for more information.

So click play, sit back, and enjoy. (Oh, and the main image for this article on the Muddy Colors home page is a portion of Brom’s painting “Black Moth.” Of course.)