I wanted to bring some attention to the upcoming 6×9 Portrait Society Mystery Art Sale. It will take place September 29 and 30, 2021
7:00 pm EDT

It is normally an event that takes place at the annual conference (which I highly recommend you considering if you want to see a ton of demos and meet some great people) but with Covid, like so many things it has shifted online. It did last year too. I have to admit, I miss the adrenaline of the in-person event (more on that later) but the online version is really exciting too!

I’ll include some of the paintings from the past years… that I didn’t win…

Romel de la Torre’s 6×9 painting from 2016 that I didn’t win

So what is it exactly? The purpose of it is to raise money for scholarships for students to attend the conference. I know many students from here in Utah alone that have been able to attend because of the scholarship. All the paintings are $250. If there is a painting that you want, you put your name in and they draw a name at random and you can then purchase the work.

Casey Childs offering from 2019 that I didn’t win

What is the mystery aspect of it? The works aren’t signed on the front so you don’t know for certain who the artist is that painted it. There is a lot of speculation as each piece comes up, but you don’t know for sure until it has been purchased. It’s a ton of fun. I’ve tried to win one each year but have struck out. Maybe this will be my lucky year! Even so, I always have fun.

Nick Alm offering from a previous year that I didn’t win

It is free to register and you only pay if you are chosen. Paintings by just about any of these artists would cost way more than $250. Who wants to win a Julie Bell painting for $250?! I do!

Here is the list of artists that have been asked to participate this year. This is crazy!

Michele Anderson, Carol Arnold, Allan Banks, Coleen Barnhart, Robert Barrett, Stacy Barter, William Bartlett, Julie Bell, Bryony Bensly, Jason Bouldin, Lindy Bruggink, Mary Buchholz, Olena Burykina, Matteo Caloiaro, Theodora Capat, Judy Carducci, John Michael Carter, Jeanya Charles, Marc Chatov, Raj Chaudhuri, Casey Childs, Robin Cole, Mary Cornish, Sandra Corpora, Marta Crawford, Joseph Daily, Stephanie Deshpande, Grace Devito, Michael DeVore, Qiyu Dong, Alia El-Bermani, Connie Erickson, Natalia Fabia, Elizabeth Floyd, Sue Foell, Katherine Galbraith, Gavin Glakas, Thomas Caleb Goggans, Mark Goodson, Barbara Hack, Liz Harris, Lihuai He, Natalie Italiano, Vasudeo Kamath, Kyle Keith, Ann Kenyon, Linda Kollacks, Lisa Kovvuri, Olga Krimon, Sandra Kuck, Sookyi Lee, Judith Leeds, Jessica Lewis, Celia Liberace, Chin Hsien Lin, Liz Lindstrom, Carlos Lopez, Howard Lyon, Julia Maddalina, Kyle Ma, Janet Maines, Stephen Mangum, Teresa Mattos, Katherine McNenly, Holly Metzger, Catherine Mills, Kathy Morris, Ricky Mujica, Daniel Murri, William Nathans, Richard Christian Nelson, Olga Nielsen, Sivananda Nyayapathi, Stephen Pan, Robert Papp, Carol Peebles, Alicia Ponzio, George Pratt, Mark Pugh, Lori Putnam, Mary Qian, Kai Lun Qu, Osiris Rain, Mardie Rees, Joe Remillard, Patricia Rice, Mario Robinson, Sam Robinson, John Rowe, Patricia Schappler, William Schneider, Erin Schulz, John Seibels Walker, Lorena Selim, Oliver Sin, Nathaniel Skousen, Ardith Starostka, Zienna Stewart, Kyle Stuckey, James Tennison, Rodney Thompson, Stephanie Thomson, Hsin-Yao Tseng, Alexandra Tyng, Wendy Wagner, Sandra Wakeen, Susan Wakeen, Ann Kraft Walker, John Seibels Walker, Samuel Walter, Patricia Watwood, Gail Wegodsky, Jennifer Welty, Amy Werntz, Thomas Wharton, Dawn Whitelaw, Lea Wight, Mike Wimmer, Luana Winner.

I am hoping to be able to pick out works by Julie Bell, Casey Childs, Thomas Goggans, Sookyi Lee, Julia Maddalina, Kyle Ma, Ricky Mujica, Sivananda Nyayapathi, George Pratt, Mark Pugh, Mary Qian, Ann Craft Walker, Patricia Watwood… I am sure there will be many paintings by other artists that catch my eye too. Maybe I will get lucky this year! Maybe you will too!

Portrait Society of America Mystery Sale Registration September 29 and 30, 2021 7:00 pm EDT

p.s. – I highly recommend going to the conference once they are being held again. Right now, it is being planned for next year in Atlanta. I will be there! Read more details here