I am going to be brief today because I am just coming back home from Europe and am pushing 30 hours without sleep. Yikes!

I did manage to go see some art while in Amsterdam and the UK and I have some great images to share. For now, I want to share three Sargent paintings. There is a link at the end of the article to download the full sized and less compressed images.

First, some close-ups of Sargent’s wonderful Lady Agnew. This painting hangs in the National Gallery of Scotland on the second floor. It is beautifully lit, but hard to photograph without a little glare creeping in. But, I think I did manage to get some worthwhile images of this masterpiece.

Next is a charcoal drawing that I have never seen before. This was in Dunrobin Castle in Inverness. It was tucked away on a table and wasn’t lit really well. I zoomed in on it and this was the best capture I could get. The white streaks are reflections.

Lastly is a portrait from the National Portrait Gallery of Scotland. A wonderfully concise portrait worth zooming in on to see the details and brushwork and marveling over how efficient Sargent was with what he chose to paint and not paint.

If you want to download the full-size images with less compression, here is a link

With that, I am off to sleep!