Just for fun, FIRE AND ICE, a 1983 animated film directed by Ralph Bakshi, co-produced and largely inspired by the art by Frank Frazetta. It generally takes something like over 3 times the production costs (considering all the myriad expenses, the interest on loans, etc.) for a film to break even, so F&I in even the kindest view was a flop, costing $1.2 million to create and generating only $860,000 in box office revenues. Such is life. Still, regardless of its crummy b.o. receipts, it’s kind of fun and features some effective action sequences—Frazetta’s involvement and the background paintings by James Gurney make the 81 minute run-time whiz by. Also, considering the violence and scantily clad women, it’s not exactly a kids’ cartoon so be aware. Enjoy.