Its a new year. And by that time to reflect. Its perfectly good to make resolutions as to where you want your art to go in the new year. To make small promises to yourself, like: “I wanna start sketching in sketchbook in 2022″. or ” I want to paint more landscapes studies”, and ” I will draw at least an hour every evening instead of watching television”. These are just a small selection of selvmade promises that I have made and forgot about previously.

But one thing I do remember and one thing I always do when I start a new year and return to my studio, around the second of January, is to take a hard look at the art I produced during the last year. And sometines the year before that too. I pick the ones that I really liked. The ones I felt succeeded for me. Not necessarily because they were the best art from that year, ( but that often line up ) But because something new fell into place. Or something I tried hard for came out right. Then I place the paintings in front of me and really look at them. I spend some time going back in my mind and see if I can load up a mental picture of what the mood was like when I painted it. What were my thoughts and how did I solve the problems? What are the reasons that this image came out right? I try to look at it as if I was not the artist behind it and wonder what the artist must have tried to do? All of these mental experiences taken from previous succeeded paintings is what I will take into the new year. My new year resolution is to make more paintings that feel or has some of what last years favourites had. Here are my chosen few: