Hope everyone is stoked for a slew of new cool Magic the Gathering art to drop this month! It is time for Double Masters two! For those out of the loop a Double Masters set from MTG means they are reprinting some of the most iconic cards in the history of the game. Many of which get brand new art from some of the top illustrators in the genre.

Naturally I am stoked to be included in this set and EXTRA friggin stoked that they assigned me one of their famous legendary Planes Walkers, Liliana Vess. Heh… No pressure.

So I went big with her at 24X36. She is Acrylic on panel, using FW Acrylic Inks and Golden Fluid Acrylics, and if I need a bit more opacity, I get into Acryla gouaches.

Hope you guys dig this little walk through. I have a few more in this set, so if you are feeling it, there are more to come!