As I’ve been working through my next sketchbook (a few peeks at the new series here on Muddy Colors!) I’ve been looking back through some of my previous sketchbooks.

One of which being 2020’s collection, Glimmer.

This sketchbook gathers the drawings and writings from my personal work throughout 2020. It features a mix of toned paper and white charcoal work alongside sketches, studies, and other finished drawings.

The realm of Glimmer is a refuge; the last surviving sanctuary in a forgotten world of trolls and creatures.

You might be able to say this with practically any two of my sketchbooks, but there are distinct parallels between Glimmer and this current one. Trolls and creatures, of course, but while Glimmer was rather light on forests and trolls turned to stone, apparently that’s all this new one is!

And as these creatures are made of rocks and moss (with seemingly little hope of ever seeing the sun again) I wanted to look in a little more closely on a certain troll from Glimmer. One with a little more personality than a pile of rocks.

Galdra of Whence. I couldn’t really tell you who she is or exactly where she comes from (other than the realm of Glimmer). I couldn’t tell you much about her other than she is a beautiful, old, troll witch.

And I thought we’d take a look through some sketches and drawings concerning her. 

One of my favorite sketches here, a little digital value work on a scribble. I still like something about the shapes of her hair here more than the actual drawing.

Mostly because I’m a bit of an idiot, it didn’t occur to me to have the little apprentice there doing something magical with the teapot until after I’d finished the drawing. But! As it did occur to me eventually, I was able to go back and make it happen.

The other one I wanted to take a look at was this one based on this shabby, nigh indecipherable little scribble.

Flowrs? Uhh… can’t even spell flowers right.

Now, for the color work you’ll notice that I adjusted the arrangement of the flowers and birds. A little more arc to it than bumbling across.

It’s been far too long since I’ve drawn Galdra and I ought to find a way to incorporate her into this new sketchbook.

Until next time!