Things are changing, for better and for worse but the one thing that is sure is that they will continue to do so.

My advice in this dynamic landscape we live in: Continue to do the work that is *most* you without pause or trepidation.


Yes, there are certainly aspects of this new world that will be difficult, disturbing and off-putting.

It is not the progress of science and technology but its development and application that will be an issue for most people I think but… There is no application or algorithm that can be, on a foundational level, you. You, your being, is the primary, critical and most important facet of your (art)work.

Allen Williams_Darkest Star



Yes, there are some people that are satisfied with easy copies of more brilliant efforts, but you, the real, are more valuable, intrinsically worthy, than *any* facsimile.

Your hand invests subtle intentions and microcosmic subtext to everything you do whether it is, digital or traditional.

—An invested brushstroke is powerful.

Allen Williams_Work in Progress


Remember, like blustering bullies, there will always be those who rely on on fear and misrepresentation to pretend at power. Real power comes with being who you are, unreservedly, unapologetically, in the face of those who are false and without regard to their permission, even as they insist they get to define who you are. This is not their purview or right.

As the world becomes increasingly artificial, be more real, and by real I mean be the you that you truly are.

Allen Williams_Clatterer

It is my opinion that the world needs you, your real work, now more than ever.