Here is my latest painting for Magic the Gathering, Outlaws of Thunder Junction. The assignment was very simple; a bear scientist collecting specimens from the river. I zoomed in on the top of the figure and thus sadly avoided the river part, but I always want to go close so I can play with facial expressions and create character. In the sketching process I came of with the idea of giving him 2 companions like familiars or servants that would be perched on his shoulders. It lead me to the idea of them acting as Good and Bad conscience like in the old Donald Duck cartoons. I made one curious and the other hungry looking. And then the fish in the jar looking mighty worried. The Bear is knocking on the glass like you would on a fishtank when the fish is not reacting. 

The colors was very fun. Since its all a very dusty and warm setting I amped up the orange bounce light to make it look sunny.