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Enchanted at the Norman Rockwell Museum

Lauren Panepinto

If you follow me on instagram, you'll already know that my first trip out of pandemic quarantine was this weekend, and it was to go to the Norman Rockwell Museum for the Enchanted exhibition opening. They could easily have called it the Muddy Colors exhibition, because so many of the contributors here have pieces hanging. Forgive the awful pictures — photographs on your phone in a museum setting never…




Drawing from Instinct

Stephan Martiniere

June 16, 2021 - When I went to conventions and comic shows as a teenager in France, each artists almost always did a unique drawings for their fans in the front cover of their books. As a teenager wanting to be a professional comic book artist, I would go and watch artists do drawing after drawing throughout the day with ease. I was mesmerized by how quickly and efficiently they could come up with a little sketch without any erasing, right there on the spot, and how they were both original but with an artists’ signature style. So to get our feet wet in the industry my art school friends and I started our own comic book magazine called Caniveau, five of us doing our own stories. With our first issue we started selling at conventions and to follow…



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