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The Phoenix Rises

Lisa Cyr

I love to experiment with alternative tools and techniques in my painting practice, igniting the creative process. Using alternative tools, you can introduce unique markmaking into the pictorial environment. Hair combs, wok brushes, toothpicks, sticks, sponges and eyedroppers are just some of the tools I used to create an engaging tactile color field in which to pull out my subject. By making slight alterations…




Where it all begins…

Julian Totino Tedesco

May 20, 2022 - Working on the sketches is definitely one of my favorites steps in the creation of a cover. It's also, I believe, the most important. As I love seeing other artists doodles and sketches, I thought of sharing some of mine, in the hope that others would enjoy it too. Plus, it's a nice excuse to show some of those sketches that weren't picked up and couldn't see the light. To me, it all starts with my beloved sketchbook. Whether a commercial assignment or a personal illustration, it always begins with a doodle. I have taken the habit to sketch quite small, for two main reasons: First, I need to let the ideas flow and not get stuck by technical aspects, and second, because if the composition works on a thumbnail, it will definitely work bigger.…



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