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Author: Tran Nguyen


These past couple of years, I’ve been venturing into street art, specifically large-scale...

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  • Charlie Utting on State of Illustration ReportThis is terrific! Thanks for sharing this, and thanks to Darren for creating it. Interesting to see how one lines up with this data. Which I think is…
  • Lauren Panepinto on State of Illustration ReportGreat, thanks for the take. I don't want people to get too panicky! I know plenty of illustrators making a living wage or better.
  • Tom Wood on The Land of EemSuper piece of work! Thanks for taking us through its development. I met you at the Fantastic Art Conference in Utah. I was very impressed with your w…
  • Sebastian Posada on Dragon Crew Two Launch!So cool to see this! Remings of Epcot Center in the 90's! Haven't been there since. The patches look beautiful and full of positive energy and success…
  • Francis Vallejo on State of Illustration ReportWas just reviewing this report with my classes, with similar notes on the demographic.