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Tim Bruckner

Well Played

-By Tim Bruckner If you’re a free-lance, hands-for-hire sculptor and you’ve been lucky enough to...

I am the Walrus

-By Tim Bruckner It was 1973. I was broke and unemployed. So, I thought, I know, I’d like to do...

Doc Saturn

-By Tim Bruckner When Don Bohm, collector supreme and all around good guy, asked if I’d be interested in translating an illustration of his original character, Doc Saturn, into 3D, I didn’t have to think twice. Don has...

The Eyes Have It

-By Tim Bruckner If you’re a figurative sculptor, expression is everything. And everything is in...


-By Tim Bruckner I first met May Pang in 1974. I had just finished the cover art for the Ringo...

She Becomes: Part 2

-By Tim Bruckner he Tree Paint Master: Her color scheme and the setting pretty much determined the...


-By Tim Bruckner One of the things that 2D artists have over 3D artists is their control of light....


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