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  • Amelia James on Left Brain OccupationThis is great, thank you, I love your work! I too, have been listening to audio books, or books-on-tape (which they used to be) for years, while drawi…
  • Luca on Left Brain OccupationI love listening to music that can inspire me in the beginning, in the creative phase, while sketching thumbnails, working on composition and so on, b…
  • Alice on Left Brain OccupationI like silence, rain sounds or epic soundtracks without vocals.
  • Elizabeth Huggins-Thompson on Left Brain OccupationMost definitely, driving and creative problem solving go hand in hand for me. When I have a project that I am trying to resolve an issue on or freethi…
  • liah on Artist of the Month : Aaron Douglasthis is too short. my kid is doing an article about him and this barley helped her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!