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How soon is it to ask art directors to give me work after we’ve met? Don’t expect to get work on...

Charles Santore

Another great illustrator passed away the same week that Mark English left us: Charles Santore...

Throne of Eldraine

The upcoming set for Magic: the Gathering is called Throne of Eldraine. It has been a really...

Results of the Artist Income and Goals Survey 2019

If you saw my column from last month, you’ll remember I started a quick poll on twitter that ended up expanded into a larger more in-depth survey, focused on not only how artists are making their money, but also a bit about what their goals are. I’m back, a month later, to report in on the data we collected.   Now before we dive in, let’s remember a few caveats: 1 — This survey is…

Light Box Expo

This past weekend, the first Light Box Expo officially launched on Friday morning at the...


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