Illuxcon will take place in eleven days. This event is a gathering/convention dedicated solely to the art of the fantastic—bringing artists, students, collectors, and art fans together for an annual symposium intended to inspire and create further awareness and zeal for the field.
As the largest display of original fantastic art in the world, IlluXCon is an entirely unique experience where artists are free to participate in the show just as attendees and students do, students have the opportunity to sign up for private portfolio reviews by industry art directors, and all present have numerous opportunities to be inspired by and grow in love for the vast array of work and people in this incredible field.
IlluXCon is dedicated to providing:
…an atmosphere where students, emerging artists, established artists, and masters of the field alike are inspired to take their creative process and work to new heights, make contacts that lead them to new opportunities within the field, and simply rediscover the passion they have for their work and the genre.
…an opportunity for collectors and fans of fantastic art, fine art students and fans, and even those who’ve not considered themselves fans of art before to be blown away by the original paintings and sculpture displayed at the show, while having the opportunity to approach and get to know the talented artists who created the work in a small, art gallery-like setting.
…an environment where the desire to create drives a shared understanding among all present, where egos are checked at the door, where there are no “Guests of Honor,” and where the multi-award winning artist takes away just as much from the show as the rookie just learning the ropes.
Illuxcon was conceived by Patrick and Jeannie Wilshire as a way to celebrate the work of the fantastic.
ILLUXCON 3 . . . . . . NOVEMBER 11th-14th, 2010 . . .
Attendance is limited to 200 attendees & 100 students.
There are only a few regular and student memberships remaining. We highly suggest that you contact the Illuxcon website for details.
For more info on registration, click HERE.
Multiple tracks of demos, lectures, & discussions will be posted on the Illuxcon website as the show approaches.
Students will have the opportunity to sign up for private portfolio reviews with industry art directors. We’ll contact all registered students with details as the show approaches. Slots will be filled on a first come, first serve basis until all slots are filled.
Be sure to register on the website. And, as soon as you’re able to? Buy your tickets for IlluXCon 3!
(NOTE: You need to register for before you’re able to purchase your tickets for this year’s show.)
Details for the event can be found at the Illuxcon link below.
A number of Mudders will be attending Illuxcon and exhibiting their work:
Dan Dos Santos
Eric Fortune
Justin Gerard
Donato Giancola
John Jude Palencar
So come and join us for this wonderful event in the hills of Pennsylvania.
Illuxcon on You Tube: