Post by Jon Foster

While working on the Anne Frank storyboards that I mentioned in my last post, I also got the chance to work on a side project with Dario, a short comic called Sulphur and Dana. Dario was encouraging a friend, Steed Gamero, to flex his creativity through writing. With the help of Roberto Malini, the screenplay writer for Dear Anne, they came up with a beautiful and visual story that I had the joy, as well as challenge, to illustrate. I was quite proud of my work, which was only in black and white, but when Dario added his colors to the pages it brought the entire comic to life. This was years ago, and I don’t think it went much further than a writing competition in Italy, but now there is a new version of this story for the Ipad, still a comic, but with some subtle movement in the panels for mood. Below I included the add page as well as link if anyone is interested in seeing one possible way of making E-comics. Dario is the mastermind behind this new version and I must say that he makes me look good J.