By John Jude Palencar

“Art on a Grand Scale” (AOAGS) is the brainchild of artist representative Richard Solomon. In essence the concept is to install custom art on a large scale. Fellow “Muddie” Greg Manchess and myself are among thirty or so members of Richard’s AOAGS group.

With today’s technology any piece of art can be enlarged and printed digitally on a variety of surfaces. “Art on a Grand Scale” is the go to solution for clients wanting to enhance their corporate image or just simply wanting to make a visual statement in a location devoid of any visual character. The artist has to create a painting at the normal size that they are accustomed to working at and in the format/ size of the particular commissioned space.

Greg Manchess has had great success with Richard Solomon in this endeavor.

Below are a number of links for “Art on a Grand Scale”. A short promotional film directed by Bryan Beus ( including three quick time lapse demos and final installation applications (simulated) Art from Mark Wiener, Gregory Manchess and myself. The music is “Claire de Lune” by Claude Debussy.

On the right side of the Vimeo link are additional clips from Richard Solomon regarding advice for illustrators and another clip of AOAGS member Brad Holland.

For my part, this was the 2nd rendition of the original commission. The Madam Butterfly painting was created for the Philadelphia Opera Company’s production of “Madama Butterfly”. My AOAGS demo in acrylic took approximately five hours and still needed additional rendering. Thanks to Richard Solomon for flying Bryan Beus out to my studio in Ohio for filming this demo.

1.) Art on a Grand Scale website: Here
2.) Vimeo movie link: Here
3.) R. Solomon explains AOAGS: Here