By John Jude Palencar

GovDeals is an online auction site and a great resource for artists. The sellers are typically cities, townships, colleges and other public institutions. Many of the items offered are in surprisingly good shape Currently there are around thirty States and dozens of cities that have thousands items up for auction. The list of sellers is ever changing so you have to check the listings often. The scope and variety of items is staggering. Need a “Crown Vic” for the next “Blues Brothers” movie – they got it. Need a dentist examination chair for your next horror illustration – place your bid. All items are sold “as is” with no warranty. In most cases you will have to arrange to pick up the item at your own expense. I think this is a small inconvenience when you can purchase a very usable piece of studio furniture in great shape for pennies on the dollar. After you register you are good to go. The nice feature is that a few sellers may be a short drive from your home. Here are just a few items that have been up for auction and some that are still active. GovDeals lists the contact person and phone number, should you have any questions about the auction etc. Explore the site, have fun…. You might be the winning bidder on the amphibious vehicle and could use it to bring your items home. GovDeals site: HERE