-By Dan dos Santos

So I just got back from the Alexander McQueen Retrospective at the Metropolitan Museum, and I must say, it was incredible. Quite possible the most amazing exhibition I’ve ever seen at the Met… period.

I was expecting to see a lot of great work. What I wasn’t expecting, was to walk into a custom crafted exhibition hall full of mirrors, projections, sound effects, wind machines, holograms, and rotating mannequins! Seriously, I can only assume the sets alone costed millions of dollars and took months to assemble.

Further more, almost every piece on display had a custom mask made for it, which was not part of the original ensemble, but really heightened the emotional impact of each piece. Yes, I used the word emotional. It’s not too often that a piece of art really stirs me, but this show certainly did just that. It was imaginative, scary, sad, and just all around heart-breakingly good. I left the show doubting my career path.

I really wanted to take photos of the rooms for you guys, but they had a very strict ‘no camera’ policy. And though they have some pictures on the Met’s site, I promise you, they do not do the show justice.

The show comes down in just 16 days! Once the exhibition is over, it is over. It will NOT be traveling.
If you are in the NYC area, you need to see it… If you are not in the NYC, you need to see it.