-By Dan dos Santos

Every now and then, I stumble around Amazon and treat myself to a few new art books. I confess, I do this more than I should. Recently, I came across several really good deals that I thought I should share. So here for you are 3 great book buys for under $15

Ilya Repin
This book is 200 pages, has great reproductions, and collects the majority of Repin’s major works. 
Just $14, and free shipping.

Edmund Dulac: An Edmund Dulac Treasury
I loves me some Edmund Dulac! This Dover book collects 116 Dulac pieces, 
and in my opinion is a must own at $14. Again, free shipping!

Arthur Rackham: Rackham’s Color Illustrations for Wagner’s ‘Ring’
Arthur Rackham definitely ranks amongst my favorite artists, and his paintings for the Wagner’s ‘Ring’ are some of his best. In particular, his depiction of Siegfried wiping blood from his face after having slayed Fafnir will be etched in my brain forever. Just $10, and free shipping.