TLC Workshops, a Washington based organization, recently announced their 2012 Professional Art Series. Consisting of short, but intensive, workshops that focus on one-on-one interaction, the group is hosting some really impressive illustrators, including two Muddy Colors members!

Aside from having some sensational instructors, there seems to be a lot of nice benefits to these workshops. Most notably is the class size. Each workshop appears to be limited to just 12 students, which is going to ensure that each student gets a lot of undivided attention. Also, the workshops are about 3 days each. As amazing as it is to attend the week-long IMC every year, not everyone’s schedule permits such an extended time away from work. Typically running from Friday to Sunday, you can easily take a long weekend, and end up with a life-long experience to show for it. The shorter class length is also reflected in the tuition, which ranges from just $300 – $500.

The first workshop of the series will be by Justin Gerard.

Beyond Reference: How to Imbue your Characters with Character
with Justin Gerard
Fri-Sun, March 30-April 1

Good use of reference is extremely important in professional illustration, but overusing it can suck the soul out of a piece of artwork. This workshop focuses on the secrets of utilizing reference so that your image is believable without sacrificing the unique personality that you bring to your work. Limit: 12 students.

Greg Manchess will also conducting a workshop.

Plan Great Images, From the Ground Up
with Greg Manchess
Fri-Sun, Nov 9-11

This workshop concentrates on building compelling images with the human figure as the focal point. Using a book cover format, participants will start with initial thumbnails and work toward realizing the final sketch. We will focus on the structural elements of effective composition, value, dimensional depth and emotional content. Limit 12 students.

In addition to our 2 Muddies, our good friends Jon Schindehette (of Art Order fame), and illustrator/arm-wrestler extraordinaire Terese Nielsen, will also be conducting classes!

Idealized Realism and the Human Figure 
with Terese Nielsen
Fri-Sun, August 24-26

Prepare for an information-packed weekend as Terese shares her process of creating beautiful figures from the initial drawing stage, employing tips on idealizing anatomy, lighting the figure, and selecting reference to achieve the best results, including easy corrections of common mistakes. Via a mock Magic card assignment, she will also discuss her symbolic use of color, light and imagery and offer a peek into her masterful use of multi-media as it supports the central figure. Limit: 12 students.

Self-Promotion: the Portfolio and Beyond
with Jon Schindehette (Senior Creative Director at Wizards of the Coast)
Sat-Sun, Sept 15-16.

This workshop explores the strategies of portfolio building and self-promotion through a combination of real world exercises, review, critique and discussion. Jon will cover strategies globally and then address each student’s portfolio and promotional materials, customizing and optimizing on an individual basis. Limit: 12 students.

As I mentioned, class size is extremely limited, so I highly doubt spots will be available for long for any of these classes. TLC Workshops offer payment plans, and you can secure your spot for just $50. For more info, click HERE.

I’m really jealous that I don’t live closer! These classes would make for some amazing weekend getaways.